60 Days Money Back Guarantee
60 Days Money Back Guarantee
One Smart Wave Remote for All Home Devices
One Smart Wave Remote for All Home Devices
One Smart Wave Remote for All Home Devices
One Smart Wave Remote for All Home Devices
One Smart Wave Remote for All Home Devices
One Smart Wave Remote for All Home Devices

One Smart Wave Remote for All Home Devices

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Introducing the "SmartWave Remote" – Your Ultimate Multi-Device Control Hub!

📺🌡️🔊 Universal Compatibility: Seamlessly control your TV, air conditioner, projectors, audio/video players, and speakers all in one with the SmartWave Remote.

📡 Dual Wireless Communication: Utilizing both IR and WiFi, this remote ensures comprehensive coverage for your devices, offering versatility in control.

📱 Smart App Integration: Connect and control with ease using the Smart Life app, providing a user-friendly interface for managing all your devices in one place.

🎛️ Certified Performance: Rest assured with CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications, guaranteeing the SmartWave Remote meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

📡 15-Channel Control: Enjoy extensive control options with 15 channels, giving you the flexibility to manage multiple devices effortlessly.

📦 Complete Package: Yes, everything you need is included! The SmartWave Remote comes in a complete package for a hassle-free setup.

🔢 Model Number: S18: Recognized by its model number S18, this remote promises a reliable and efficient performance.

🔌 Powerful Input: With a DC 5V/1A power input through Micro USB, the SmartWave Remote ensures a consistent and reliable power source.

📡 Infrared Frequency (38KHz): The SmartWave Remote operates at an infrared frequency of 38KHz, providing optimal performance for your devices.

📡 Remote Control Range: Control devices from a distance with an impressive range of up to 8 meters, ensuring you have the freedom to manage your devices comfortably.

📡 2.4G WiFi Connection: Enjoy a stable and efficient connection with 2.4G WiFi, ensuring a seamless experience with the SmartWave Remote.

📱 Smart Voice Control: Take command with your voice using Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Yandex Alice, making device control effortless and hands-free.

Upgrade your control experience with the SmartWave Remote – Where Versatility Meets Seamless Connectivity!

Product Features:

With The Smart Universal IR Remote Control, you may use your smart phone to control home appliances, such as STB(Set-Top-Box), TV Box, TV, Air Conditioner, Fan, DVD, etc. Compatible with most of brands, for details, please refer to the supported brand list in App. Besides, it has LEARNING FUNCTON, allows you to copy the key function of original remote control to App.

Note: Not compatible with the home appliances which use RF or BLUETOOTH remote control.

1. Massive IR Code Database
Support 4000+ brands, 50000+ IR Code on cloud, supported devices library is constantly being updated by the cloud.
2. App Remote Control
Remote Control your home appliances by using "Smart Life" App in your smart phone anywhere anytime.
For example: Switch on home A/C in advance, enjoying the comfortable temperature once you get home.
3. Easy to install and add to APP
Once you plug the cable line into the device, then select the app's auto find Smart IR Remote Control. The whole process takes only a few minutes.
4. Voice Control
By connecting Intelligent speaker, such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Yandex Alice, you can control your home appliances by voice.
For example: Alexa, turn on TV; OK Google, set air conditioning temperature to 25 degrees.
5. Scenario and Automation in App
A scenario consists of 1 or more actions. By creating an "Scenario", you may control multiple devices with one tap; By adding an "Automation" and interworking with other smart home devices, Wi-Fi remote control is able to execute actions automatically according to conditions, such as device status, weather and time.
6. Timer and Automatic Trigger
According to your living habits, set time switches for your home appliances, such as turning on/off the air conditioner at regular intervals. The APP have 7 day Scheduling programming
7. DIY
Customizing button and Copy function in the "Smart Life" App, if your home appliances brand is not in the list or not supported.
8. Third-Party Control
Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri(iOS 12.0 or later), Tmall Genie, Tecent Xiaowei, DingDong, Rokid, DuerOS, etc.

App Remote Control

After the configuration is complete, you can control the TV, air conditioner at home whether you are working or traveling.

1. The native APP of The Smart Universal IR Remote is called "Smart Life".
2. And it not support MiHome,EWelink,and other APP.
3. Its remote control function needs to use WiFi all the time

All in One Smart Remote Control

The Smart IR Remote expanded IR code library cover above 98% IR device. So TV, Air conditioner, STB Fan and lighting etc. which used IR Control can be control by it.
You don't need to worry about the problems you can't control, and finally we provide the copy function.

Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Yandex Alice and Siri

By link to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Yandex Alice account, you can control your home appliances by voice.
For example:
-Alexa, turn on the TV;
-OK Google, set air conditioning temperature to 25 degrees.
-Алиса, включи свет.

1. This product will not be displayed on Amazon Alexa ,Google Home, Yandex Alice. Only the appliances remote added to our products are displayed on Alexa/Google Home/Yandex, and you can only control them by voice.
2. Yandex Alice Only Support Air conditioner, TV, TV BOx STB, Fan.

Timer and Automatic Trigger

Never miss one second of excellent match -Stay up late for the match,but always oversleep? -The smart remote control helps you turn on TV at right time and right channel. Enjoy your match!

NOTE:The countdown function is still in development.

IR Learning And Copy Function:

Smar Lifet App provides Customizing and copy function.
If your home appliances is not in the brand list or not supported, you may use this function to copy the key function of original remote control to App.

1. DIY does not support voice control
2. Long press to turn on the device function cannot be achieved

Maybe every room needs one

Infrared rays cannot penetrate the wall, so it cannot control household appliances in other rooms.

IR can not penetrate walls, so make sure there is no obstacle between IR remote and the IR devices. So,If you want to control household appliances in different rooms, you need to install one in each room

It is suggested that a universal remote controller should be configured for the room

Share with your family

Var Smart Life APP, you can share it with family.
Step 1: Create Home or Improve Home Information
Step 2: Invite members to join Home
Step 3: Family members agree to join Home

Remote Control support or not support:

The Smart IR Remote supports all infrared remotes.
But note that 2.4G remotes, RF remotes, and Bluetooth remotes are not supported.

1. The infrared remote control has an infrared emitting tube, or the infrared emitting tube is protected by a black transparent window.
2. Long press the infrared remote control to start the home appliance, the long press function is not supported, other functions are supported.

360° Petal Shape IR Emitting Lamp

Multi-directional launch, guarantee that every order will be served quickly and accurately. Every components and parts are from the top manufacturer.

Product Parameter:

* Input: DC 5V/1A(Micro USB)
* IR Remote Control Distance: ≤12m
* Connection: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
* App: Smart Life
* Voice Control Support: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Yandex Alice
NOTE: There is no built-in battery, it needs to be powered by USB all the time.

What's in the package?

1. Smart Universal IR Remote Control
2. Micro Charging Cable (NO ADAPTER)
3. User Manual

What is APP look like?

The APP page may be modified better

How to add Smart IR Remote to APP?

Using Bluetooth to add Smart IR Remote Control is very easy.
Give app Bluetooth operation permission, app will automatically find the device to be added

How to Add appliances(Take TV as an example)

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