60 Days Money Back Guarantee
60 Days Money Back Guarantee
IPhone Android Wireless Portable Microphone
IPhone Android Wireless Portable Microphone
IPhone Android Wireless Portable Microphone
IPhone Android Wireless Portable Microphone
IPhone Android Wireless Portable Microphone
IPhone Android Wireless Portable Microphone

IPhone Android Wireless Portable Microphone

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Introducing Our Cutting-Edge Wireless Portable Microphone – Elevate Your Sound Experience!

Unleash the Power of Wireless Freedom with our Dynamic Lavalier Microphone Set

🎀 Dynamic Performance: Equipped with a high-quality dynamic microphone transducer, our wireless set ensures a crisp and clear sound, perfect for your home studio endeavors.

πŸ”— Transmitter Sets for Seamless Connectivity: The set includes a powerful transmitter for a hassle-free wireless experience, providing you with the freedom to move without compromising on sound quality.

πŸ‘” Lavalier Style for Comfort and Style: The lavalier microphone design offers a discreet and stylish solution for your recording needs, ensuring you look and feel your best during every session.

🏑 Home Studio Ready: Tailored for home studio use, this wireless microphone is your perfect companion for creating professional-grade audio content without leaving the comfort of your space.

πŸ“¦ Complete Package: The package includes everything you need for a seamless experience, making it easy to set up and start recording right away.

🌐 Certified Quality: Our microphone boasts CE and FCC certifications, assuring you of its superior quality and compliance with international standards.

πŸŽ™οΈ Uni-directional Polar Patterns: Capture your audio with precision. The uni-directional polar patterns focus on your sound source, reducing background noise for a cleaner recording.

πŸ”‹ Swift Charging, Extended Use: With a quick 80-minute charging time, enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous usage. Never let a low battery compromise your creativity.

πŸš€ Impressive Transmission Range: Break free from limitations with a barrier-free transmission distance of more than 20 meters. Move around confidently without losing connection quality.

πŸ“± Versatile Compatibility: Whether you're using an iPhone or Type C smartphone, our wireless lavalier microphone is ready to enhance your audio experience effortlessly.

πŸ”Œ Plug and Play Convenience: No need for additional apps – simply plug and play. Our microphone ensures a user-friendly experience without the hassle of complex setups.

🎢 Real-time Crystal Voice Sync: Experience real-time audio synchronization without any delays, allowing you to concentrate on your performance without worrying about technical glitches.

πŸŽ™οΈ Compact and Durable Design: The mini-size portable design ensures you can take your wireless microphone anywhere, while the durable construction guarantees longevity and reliability.

πŸ”„ Sustainable Sound: Enjoy sustainable use for up to 10 hours, providing a reliable and consistent performance for extended recording sessions.

Upgrade your audio game with our Wireless Portable Microphone – Where Innovation Meets Exceptional Performance!

SNZIYAG New Wireless Lavalier Microphone Portable Audio Video Recording Mic For IPhone Android Live Game Mobile Phone Camera


1. 9 ms ultra-low latency,20 m barrier-free reception,it can use outdoor live broadcast and take a small video.

2. It doesn't need APP,plug-and-play,one-click connection,easy to wear.

3. Intelligent noise reduction,long endurance of 10 hours,easy to cope with all kinds of noisy environment,worry-free shooting,meet your needs for a day.

4. 360 full pointing pick up,record every detail of the sound.

5. Small and convenient,it compatible with various devices,support mobile phone, tablet, camera, notebook,etc


Frequency: 2.4GHz

Input voltage: DC4.8-5.4V

Charging port: for Lightning/for Type-C

Battery capacity: 80mAh

Transmission Distance: 8 m barrier, 20 m barrier free

Microphone size: 62*23 * 28mm

Microphone weight: 7g

Receiver size: 45*27 * 7mm

Receiver weight: 4g

Package included:

1 x Rechargeable Wireless Microphone

1 x Receiver

1 x English Manual

1 x USB cable

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